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Rob --

I have an AP1200GTO in a 10' TI dome. I used to spend hours drift
aligning my fork mounts, but I've never done anything more than a
quick and dirty alignment using the polar scope with the AP.

I tried shimming the tube for orthogonality, but a 0.005" piece of
brass shimstock was larger than the orthogonality error (this had to
be dumb luck -- there's no way my OTA and rings were fabricated with
that kind of precision).

My OTA is a big SCT, which has some mirror flop (probably on the
order of a couple of arc-minutes), and a horrendously long focal
length (about 4450mm with rotator and focuser on the back).

While I'm one of those people that nag Roland for a pointing model,
there's really no reason (other than that it would be cool). I've
never had a target placed outside a 26mm T5, even with all the above

Oh, and I also find that a GLP works well as a finder. I did have
to place a dew-heater strip under mine, as the output of mine falls
off dramatically around 2°C, but the heater has eliminated that
problem. But the biggest advantage of the GLP is that in Ireland I
often observe in partly-cloudy conditions, and when the veiw starts
to go fuzzy I can turn the GLP on for a second and quickly see
(without having to getting up from my seat) whether or not I'm
getting obscured by clouds.

-- Jeff.

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The last time I was at your observatory, granted some time ago, I
the mount being center of the dome. Regardless, it's a ten foot
dome. If
perfect pointing in an issue and you don't want to use the
computer with any
modeling, what Roland is suggesting is fast and simple. I'm not
sure what Ed
may have shown you last week, but his Polar alignment was done by
me using
PoleAlignMax , PEM was programmed by using the included PemPro
multiple guider cycles. Earlier issues with pointing was corrected
when I
had him check his location setup in his hand controller, TheSky,
ACP and
other programs he was using and making then identical in all
programs. His
pointing is great now.

If you are thinking ME, how can you not use the computer to have T-
model active? After having just set up your Gemini G11, what is
the rush to
get another mount other than the obvious move up in mounts?


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If A-P had the product in stock and had the pointing model in
hand controller, it would make this a very easy decision for me.
already own/use TPoint from the computer, but having a pointing
model up and running on the hand controller would be great for
visual observing when the computer is turned off.
In an observatory situation you may never need a pointing model.
You can set

up your scope to be quite orthogonal and well polar aligned, so
the only
would come from atmospheric refraction, and that is already
compensated in
the keypad. In my own observatory I have set up a 10" F14.6 Mak-
permanently, and I never fail to place objects in the field of a
power eyepiece. I
don't ever use a pointing model and have never failed to find
off the bat. It is a simple thing to place a bright star on the
crosshair at

the beginning of the session, press Rcal and then zoom around the
area with
pretty high precision. When I go to any other area of the sky, I
first go to
bright star in the area, center it if it is off, and proceed to
the object I

want to observe. It takes almost no time to do that. I have a
green laser
on the scope, so I don't even have to look through the finder. The
is as accurate as any 1x finder system, and prevents craning my
neck at odd
A pointing model is most useful for those mounts that need to be
set up each

night fresh, but for a permanent setup it is not all that
necessary (except
for those using teeny tiny chips with loooong scopes like C14s).


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