Re: Wait times any less now on the 1200's?



There is an AP900 (2006 model) right now on Astromart.


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I've just joined the group, since I'm thinking of an AP900.

What's the wait time like for the AP900 now?
I see the occasional one come up second hand, but a 3-4 year old model
is hardly any cheaper than the quoted new price, I assume because of
the rarity - supply and demand...

If a new one is possibly only 6-months or so away, then I'd wait and
get one new.



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The next production run of 1200s is underway. Delivery estimated in
the summer, but its too early to be more specific. We won't open the
orders until we get a bit further into production. Although there is a
list of people waiting to order, if you place your name on the list
today (or are already on it), you have an excellent chance to make
this run.

Marj Christen

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I just placed an order for an AP1200. Needless to say I am very
excited and anxious. With all the talk of the new facility, what are
the chances I'll have a new mount by the end of spring? The young lady
on the phone said it was likely that I would make the next production
run, which is under way. Is the end of spring too optimistic? Or is
fall more realistic? Any thoughts?

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