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And these days the supply is much better from AP... You can post an ad
to various Astro-classified web sites and probably get an almost like
new 1200GTO mount for a lot less than a couple years ago. Also think of
the customer support you get.... Roland & crew are present on multiple
forums to answers multiple questions and tireless support. In my humble
opinion you rarely get this level of care from others... AP cares; they
are passionate about their mount and scopes...

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Hi Gedas:

Well, it's a very hard question. But I'm leaning towards the

Pluses for the AP-1200
--Legendary product performance and technical support
--Legendary company history producing outstanding products
--Smaller size
--Hand Controller enables me to preserve dark adaptation when in
visual mode
--Costs $3,000 less than the Paramount

Disadvantaes of AP-1200
--Not available for purchase
--Hand controller does not have a built-in pointing model capability
(yet). The Losmandy G11 (which I'm currently using) stores a
pointing model in the mount.
... or spend the $150 or so and purchase the TPoint software which
also works with the AP1200GTO ... and it will still cost you $3000
less overall (okay, deduct the $150 for the software). :-)


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