Re: M81 and M82 Images with Traveler and 155EDFS

Andy Forsberg <CS-Imaging@...>

How do you remote focus the instrument? How long are your serial cables
from the computer to the mount? How many TPoint targets to you take in a
run for polar alignment?

Thanks Andy

Also, if you ever hope to go remote with your mount the
1200 is a better choice. I've taken mine with me on perhaps
10 remote trips. You will not have that ability with the

And by the way, I use all of the Bisque software with no
problems. I've been using TPoint lately to refine my
polar alignment to within 1 arc-minute and pointing
accuracy to any part of the sky to less than 20-arcseconds
with my 155EDFS on the stock AP pier setup in my backyard.

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