Re: AP-1200 pointing and guiding data

Adrian Catterall <Catterall@...>

Pointing depends on orthoganility of your OTA on the mount and polar
alignment to name but a few, but the accuracy can be very good indeed,
such that an object is on the chip every time.

Periodic error is very low at 4 arc secs peak to peak for my AP1200. You
can see some results from my Web page quoted below..


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I'm new to your group and considering the purchase of an AP-1200
Mount. I have been unable to find any data on the pointing accuracy
or guiding accuracy when using common CCD cameras such as the SBIG ST-
7,8,9 etc. Does anyone have any first hand data they would share on
pointing accuracy with or without the use of pointing programs such
as T-Point and data on guiding using a CCD camera? Any data and
comments are appreciated.

Gary Vander Haagen
Gray Dunes Observatory, Michigan

Adrian Catterall, CCD astronomer
email: Catterall@...
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Guilden Morden

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