Re: GTO to laptop computer questions

Tim Khan


--- "Jeffrey D. Gortatowsky" <jgortatows@...>
Coupla quick questions...

While waiting for my hand controller to return from
the AP Doctor I tried
hooking up DSV to the 400GTO using a Dell Latitude
CPi running Win98, but
never got the two to connect. Does one need a null
modem cable? I was using
a straight through RS-232 cable which means the
mount would need to reverse
send and receive.
The straight through DB-9 Cable should work perfectly
fine. I would check your Baud rate, and settings in
DSV & Windows. Also, check your cable, you could have
a defective cable, although unlikely.

And does one need the hand
controller? I thought the whole
setup routine and polar alignment routine, yada,
yada, yada, could be done
without it. Finally what the baud rate at power up
of the mount?
To align the mount without the hand controller using
DSV: you start up DSV, link to the mount, manually
move the scope to a known star, like Rigel, tell DSV
that you are pointing to Rigel, then tell DSV to find
Polaris, and do you Alt AZ adjustments on Polaris.
Then you slew back to Rigel, and center the star and
have DSV Calibrate on it. And repeat as required,
just like you would do with the hand controller.

I hope this helps,


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