Re: 900GTO Maximum Capacity for CCD Photography

Peter Santangeli

Geometry seems to count as much as weight for mount capacity - my
guess is that a folded scope like the RCOS would be fine, I believe
because the tube length is not that big in comparision to some other

I've been using a 16" f4.5 on my AP900:

It's ultralight for the aperture (62lbs including camera), and
probably the absolute max the mount can do, more because of the big
moment arm the OTA creates than the weight.

I'd be curious what AP's thinking was in stating the capacity of
70lbs... 70lbs refractor? Folded scope?


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Do you know, what is the maximum capacity of 900GTO for
astrophotography? Can I even dream of having 12.5" RCOS on 900GTO?


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