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Charles Sinsofsky <strfire@...>

The polar alignment routine using 4 stars ie: using the n-polar aligment
mode with at least 2.4 firmware will not require you to move the scope by
hand anytime, other then the inital pointing, but will permit you to get
VERY accurate polar alignment. I have done 35 mins unguided prime photos
with my 1200 using my polar aligmnent routiens with 4 stars and medium to
high power eyepiece., I use deneb, vega, arturaus, and sometimes a variety
of stars for the fourth one. remember the key here is repetition, ie: go
back and forth between the selected star and then the next and the next, and
then start al over again, I do the whole sequenece oin this form. first star
choosen 4 times back and forth from polaris autoslewing and thne second star
4 times etc... and then I do this same to all the way to the 4th star or 3rd
star and then I start all over again with ther orignal 1st star. I do this
proces 3 times, by the third iteration the stars always fall dead center all
the time. perfect polar alignment.

- charles

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Hi Jim:

Method 1 suggests a star greater than +/- 4 hrs RA from the
pole Why in the first method of polar alignment does the manual state
that Arcturus is not a good star for aligning since it is too close to
Polaris in RA? Polaris has an RA around 2 H, Arcturus is around 15 H,
what am I missing?
Perhaps Charles could comment, but I think what the manual should state
is that the best alignment stars should be 4-8 hr. RA from the pole,
preferably at declinations below 0. Arcturus is nearly opposite Polaris
(close to 12 hrs. away) and would take several iterations to work

Previously, Charles indicated that a new two star alignement would be
available which sounds very promising.

Would anyone volunteer any method to get a closer polar alignment
besides Method 1? Every time I try to align and try to refine via an
additional iteration as stated in the manual, it doesn't get much
better. Can anyone help?
Get the polar alignement scope--it's the easiest way.

Also, check your orthogonality.


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