Re: Can't adjust speed when aligning

Charles Sinsofsky <strfire@...>

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I did not respond to these questions right away, I have been VERY
busy with DSV 3.0, the upcoming downloadable Hand controller code. a new
chip will be required for your mounts but you will all be able to use thew
web site now to download the hand controller code as I bring it out. 2.6 is
well on the way to being completed.

As to changing the button speed, remember there is a somewhat hidden menu,
when ever you can press the buttons say at alignment mode, you can press the
'+-' button to bring up a speical hidden menu that allows you to adjust the
button speads from the slowest to the highest by presssing the next and
previous buttons then press the 'menu' button and you will return to exact
position you left off but the hand controller buttons will now slew the
scope much slower or faster if you like.

- charles sinsofsky

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Subject: [ap-gto] Re: Can't adjust speed when aligning

Paul Gustafson wrote:

When polar aligning, a constant frustration for me is my inability to
the N/E/W/S button speed when centering the alignment star. No matter
speed I pick at the initial screen, as soon as I enter the alignment
routine, the button speed increases and makes getting the alignment star
I've wondered about this myself, but haven't figured it out. The only
thing I
is that the older firmware didn't do this, which is the main reason I
upgraded yet.

Bob Kuberek

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