Re: AP 1200 and Tpoint


Yes, but in this case there is NON-repeatable error on top of the
uncorrected repeatable error. This is the crux of the problem. So, one
has to discover the source of the non-repeatable error and the best
way to do that in my opinion is to bite the bullet and manually get
rid of the repeatable errors first. Then one can try and figure out
what is really going wrong and the source of the non-repeatable
errors. This may not be the easiest method to use, nor is it the only
method to use, but it sure works a heck of a lot better than the
shotgun or guess and by golly approach in my mind.

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At 12:36 AM 10/8/2006, mogulskier_groups wrote:

If you havn't already, I'd start looking at:
1) Orthogonality, since this is a one-time fix
2) Flexure - this plagues many owners of high-end mounts
3) Alignment - be sure that the "mount" is aligned, no matter what
the scope is telling you.

I suggest turning off TPoint pointing correction until you get these
3 resolved.
Dave: the whole point of using TPoint is that it fixes repeatable error.
It will guide you in getting polar aligned, and will compensate for
non-orthogonality, etc.
There is no reason to "turn it off".


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