Re: AP 1200 and Tpoint


I few questions...

1) exactly how far off is it?
2) is it the same displacement no matter where you are on the other
side of the meridian?
3) When you go back to the good side of the meridian, are you still
pointing well?
4) Here is an important one - what method did you use to align?
5) I had similar problems. I lived with it for months. Finally, I
broke down and shimmed one end of my parallax rings with 4 thin
pieces of soda can and now I have no more pointing problems, with or
without a pointing corrector.
6) Which rings/mounting are you using? Does TPoint analysis describe
what is wrong? How much flexure is it reporting?

My thinking on my system was that, during a drift align, I could get
it smack on for a good hour long drift. However, if I went to
another part of the sky, it wasn't right. I'm not sure of the math
on this and I'm absolutely sure that someone will argue this point,
but my theory was that the mis-orthogonality was skewing my
alignment, this my pointing and tracking was messed up elsewhere in
the sky.

If you havn't already, I'd start looking at:
1) Orthogonality, since this is a one-time fix
2) Flexure - this plagues many owners of high-end mounts
3) Alignment - be sure that the "mount" is aligned, no matter what
the scope is telling you.

I suggest turning off TPoint pointing correction until you get these
3 resolved.

Good luck

2) Alignment

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Since I have a permanent setup I decided to use T point to do some
mapping and improve my pointing. I did mapping rung for the entire
sky. I got pretty good pointing accuracy on one side of the mount
(within 10 arcsecs) but when I would go to the other side of the
meridian the pointing accuracy would be several arcmins off the
target. I have been communicating with Patrick Wallace (the person
who wrote the T point program) and he used my model to try to make
model that would have accurate pointing on both sides of the
His model improved the pointing but I still had targets that were
almost on the crosshairs on one side of the meridian but would
be off when crossing the meridian. Is this behavior that everyone
else is experiencing with Tpoint?

Also, if I park and then start up the next night, even though my
time is set very accurately, my pointing is off when I slew to a
star compared to how accurate the pointing was the night before. I
have also just trie powering the mount down without parking and
starting up from that poisition but still the pointing is several
arc mins off.

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