Aperture record for 900GTO?

Peter Santangeli

Just thought I'd post a quick link here to a project I recently
completed. Many months ago I had an idea to create a large,
lightweight scope that could go on my AP900 mount.

I wanted to test out some of the construction techniques used on dobs
as applied to imaging.

The availability of cheap 16" optics from Meade starfinders lead me to
attempt to create an AP900 mountable 16" newtonian.

The following link shows some of the first results:


It's definitely pushing the capacity of the 900, but it works very
well. The entire ota (including optics and camera) is about 63lbs.
About half of that is the primary mirror in its removable cell.

The images from the first real night out show some trailing, but I've
been able to track down the causes (as per the narrative on the page),
and none are the fault of the mount.

What I have is a very portable 16inch imaging system now. Thanks again
to Roland and the folks at AP for building such a great piece of


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