Re: Case for portable piers

Dr. David Toth

At 02:11 PM 9/20/2006, Jeff Young wrote:
Yeah, the ATS piers do look really nice (and the
PWTs even better), but it's pretty hard to
justify that kind of cost on a rig I only use
one month out of the year (albeit at a full 15°
south of my normal location, opening up a plethora of new targets).

I looked into snowboard cases and fishing rod
cases, but they weren't quite the right
size/shape. I'll have to give the golfbag thing a run.

-- Jeff.
SmartAstronomy makes cases (satchel ?) that fit
my ATS 10" x 36" pier ... I think the one I got
was for a large scope, but when they saw me put
my pier in it at the WSP 2 years ago, they
realized they could fill that niche too ...


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