Re: AP 600E Polar Alignment Question

Derek Wong <dawong@...>

Hi Jim:

Method 1 suggests a star greater than +/- 4 hrs RA from the
pole Why in the first method of polar alignment does the manual state
that Arcturus is not a good star for aligning since it is too close to
Polaris in RA? Polaris has an RA around 2 H, Arcturus is around 15 H,
what am I missing?
Perhaps Charles could comment, but I think what the manual should state
is that the best alignment stars should be 4-8 hr. RA from the pole,
preferably at declinations below 0. Arcturus is nearly opposite Polaris
(close to 12 hrs. away) and would take several iterations to work

Previously, Charles indicated that a new two star alignement would be
available which sounds very promising.

Would anyone volunteer any method to get a closer polar alignment
besides Method 1? Every time I try to align and try to refine via an
additional iteration as stated in the manual, it doesn't get much
better. Can anyone help?
Get the polar alignement scope--it's the easiest way.

Also, check your orthogonality.


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