Re: Can't adjust speed when aligning

Philip Perkins <philip@...>

When polar aligning, a constant frustration for me is my inability to adjust
the N/E/W/S button speed when centering the alignment star. No matter what
speed I pick at the initial screen, as soon as I enter the alignment
routine, the button speed increases and makes getting the alignment star
centered very difficult. I'm tired of shooting back and forth and back and
forth until I finally get the star close to being centered.
Paul, I think this is a known bug. I have a very similar thing with
version 2.4. Except that I steer well clear of the iterative routines,
which are hopeless unless you have excellent orthogonality of the optics
with the mount. I notice the same thing when I do a Recal (button 9) - the
star veers off in an RA direction and the guide speed changes. That, I am
afraid, is a bug. Charles said that it was being fixed in 2.5


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