AP 600E Polar Alignment Question

Jim Fakatselis <jfakatse@...>

Thought I'd pose a question to the group.
My AP 600EGTO hand controller has version 2.2 and my manual is dated
11/2/98. Method 1 suggests a star greater than +/- 4 hrs RA from the
pole Why in the first method of polar alignment does the manual state
that Arcturus is not a good star for aligning since it is too close to
Polaris in RA? Polaris has an RA around 2 H, Arcturus is around 15 H,
what am I missing?
Also, are the upgrades to the servo box and hand controller going to be
available soon? I can't wait.
Would anyone volunteer any method to get a closer polar alignment
besides Method 1? Every time I try to align and try to refine via an
additional iteration as stated in the manual, it doesn't get much
better. Can anyone help?
I have read Roland's modified method but I need to get past Method 1 and
get close before I refine.

Thanks in advance,
Jim Fakatselis

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