Tricking the 1200 GTO on the time

Bobby Middleton <bobm@...>

This post is a cross-post with the AP users-group. Both it
and this group are having light traffic now so I've posted on
both hoping to get a faster response.

I've been told that there is a way to re-set something, probably
the time, so that one can avoid twirl around to the other side
of the AP GTO mounts. I realize the reason for this is to avoid hitting the
into the pier or tripod, but my goal is to be set up shooting for the
western side
of the mount when starting a long exposure. Right now I am shooting 3
hour exposures of the cocoon nebula (ic 5146) and for the first exposure
early in the night the mount will slew to the eastern side. (OTA on the west
side looking east)
Near the end of the exposure it gets the tube very close
to my pier. If I can start this exposure some way
on the western side (OTA on the east side looking west)
then my problem will be fixed. I once had the fix for this in my
files but a computer crash fixed that!
Thanks for any info,

Bobby Middleton

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