Re: AP1200 operation via external programs

Bob Denny

Probably a private interface extending the ascom one, should be
provided too, to give access to ap specific parameters, from a
programatic point of view.
I should probably read ahead, but here goes: The problem with asking
multiple client programs to support special interfaces is -- it
defeats the whole reason for a driver in the first place. If various
programs must talk to unique "extension" intefaces, the questions
become "How many different extensions must I support?" and "What about
all the variations in features exposed by these unique interfaces?"
You end up right back at the basic problem. Developing special code
for every mount out there.

I completely understand the mount vendors' desire to add feratures to
make their mounts "better". But in the end, if the mount is to be
broadly supported by multiplew programs, the common interface is going
to drive the designs.

We spend a lot of time and energy developing a standard interface with
optional features (via CanXxx flags) so that variations in mount
features could be supported by clients. If a mount vendor wants to see
another feature added to the standard, they need to participate in the
next generation standard process. Another reason mount makers need to
get engaged.

-- Bob

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