Re: Pier height selection help needed...



There is a semi permasmile on my face thanks to the arrival of the
AP160 and which is about to become a permanent permasmile with the
arrival of the AP1200GTO.

Oh how many times I have pulled my hair thanks to the "guiding" of my
Losmandy G-11 and/or the number of exposures tossed out thanks to the
countless little ovals which were supposed to be stars. Even with my
AP160 at 1200 mm focal length, I cannot go unguided past 20-25
seconds. With my Pronto (450 mm focal length), I am lucky if I can get
2 minutes exposures binned 2x2 on my ST2000XM.

If only I could find the words to describe my anxiety for the arrival
of the AP1200GTO. I had a similar problem with first light of my AP160
last May ... BREATHTAKING.

These toys (AP160, AP1200GTO) should be outlawed ... they are "deadly"
weapons and tools!


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I've never seen a picture of Anthony, so I don't know what he looks
like. but I can sure see him smiling ear-to-ear.

Edd Weninger

(AP1200/AP155 on 46" pier, slightly too low)

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I ordered the 54" pier and hopefully will be able to provide feedback
and experience shortly upon the arrival of the new AP1200GTO which
will gracefully host my baby (AP160).


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