Re: Can't adjust speed when aligning

RCK <rkuberek@...>

RCK wrote:


Hi Bob;

Just wondered about the firmware. i am still on the original firmware and
have no problem in adjusting the slew speed , that is , it never reverts
back to 64X uinless i wish it so.
My question to you what is different about the new firmware and to my
knowledge i have never gotten notice from AP inviting me to make the change

Further to this, the letter I received from AP dated May 27 mentions the keypad
upgrade prominently. It also lists the revisions by date and function. The 11-2-98 version
2.2 upgrade added a feature to change the button rate at five additional places.
According to this, you can push the +- key to bring up a screen to change the
button rate while in the Pick Star and Cal Star screens. Maybe this will help.

Bob Kuberek

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