Re: AP1200 operation via ASCOM drivers

Bob Denny

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Is anyone operating an AP1200GTO mount with TheSky software via ASCOM
drivers? If so, I would be interested to learn about your detailed
configuration and experience.

I am asking because I was trying this in preparation of using the
MaxPoint software to improve pointing accuracy. My AP1200 driven by
TheSky via ASCOM (Telescope API driver in TheSky and "Astro-Physics
GTO Mount" driver in ASCOM) behaves absolutely erratic (no stop of
slews, tracking in wrong direction, false pointings).
This makes 2 people reporting crazy behavior with various client
software (Starry Night, Cartes duCiel, MaxPoint, TheSky/TeleAPI). The
earlier report seems similar (backtracking, etc.).

I can safely say that the aforementioned client programs have no way
to send backlash values, etc. to the mount because the standard driver
interface doesn't include same. This is almost certainly going to be
some interaction between the driver and the controller, maybe
related to timing of commands for slewing and reading back the
coordinates... and trying to tell whether the mount is even slewing at
all. Or maybe a setting in the driver setup which is way off, or ?????

I'm unfamiliar with the details, but as I understand, there is no way
for an attached computer to positively tell when the AP mount has
completed a slew?? Again I MAY BE WRONG, but I think this is the
case. If this is true, it's possible that whatever kludge the driver
uses to report slew-complete is failing, reporting slew-complete
prematurely, resulting in the client thinking it's OK to give some
other command to the driver, which does its thing, converting it to
bits and bytes for the serial link, etc., causing the mount to get
commands at a time when it's not ready?????

Once again, I'm guessing. It's all I can offer.

-- Bob

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