Re: Can't adjust speed when aligning

RCK <rkuberek@...>

Hi Bob;

Just wondered about the firmware. i am still on the original firmware and
have no problem in adjusting the slew speed , that is , it never reverts
back to 64X uinless i wish it so.
My question to you what is different about the new firmware and to my
knowledge i have never gotten notice from AP inviting me to make the change


You might want to call Christine and ask. I'm not sure if I got an "official"
notice, but I'm pretty sure that Mark Wilson did. I also saw a post a while
back from Charles Sinsofsky (who, I believe, designed the firmware) that there
would be a new, new release and to wait a little longer for it. One important
difference in the new firmware, I think, is that you no longer need to slew
*manually* back to the initial calibration star when recalibrating in N-Polar
Align model.

Here is the text of Charles' post on 7/31:

Hello All,
   This most likly applies to all goto people, so the latest hand controller
code is 2.5, but i am finnishing 2.6 which will be a very bug [sic] upgrade new
features etc.

 ok first, how long to upgrade a hand controller, i suggest everyone wait
just little longer the new chip code is finnished and i am now in trhe
prcoess of setting up the internet based upgrading of the hand contorller
the chips will most likly be available from a/p in late september and soon
after the web based update system will be in place and it will be very easy
to use, I will design it that way.

 So I hope this answers some questions concerning the hand controller.

Maybe Charles would give us a status report?

Bob Kuberek

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