NEAF 2006 AP Display Booth Photos

jfakatselis <jfakatse@...>

I know everyone will be eagerly awating to see the AP products
diplayed at their NEAF booth by Marj and Roland in their first visit
there, especially for those who could not travel to NEAF.

I've posted some photos I took following the two-day imaging
conference, NEAIC, also hosted by the Rockland Astronomy Club which I
was fortunate enough to attend. Some of the great
speakers and imagers attending were: Tony Hallas, Rob Gendler, Don
Parker, Robert Reeves, Richard Berry, Jim Brunell, Jim Misti, Ron
Dantowitz, Doug George and more. Kudos to the Rockland Astronomy Club
for a great two day conference. The conference was followed by two
days of NEAF, astronomy heaven!

Please go to the APGTO photos section, the photo album is
entitled 'NEAF 2006'.

Here's a link:


Jim Fakatselis
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