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Mark Manner <jmm@...>

Dennis, I like the large size. I have a large monitor, so maybe I am
biased. Thanks for sharing it. Mark

--- In ap-gto@..., "Dennis Persyk" <dpersyk@...> wrote:

This is one of the densest galaxy clusters in the sky. I captured
only about 1/9 of the total area with my 58 x 43 arc minute FOV.

Takahashi E-160 astrograph @ f/3.3
LRGB 120:30:30:30 in ten-minute subframes
AP1200GTO mount
SXV-H9 camera
Acquired in AA3; Processed in ImagesPlus

Image and matching SkyMap Pro 10 screen shot

I'd appreciate feedback on this image. In the past I always reduced
the image size so viewers wouldn't have to scroll around to see the
whole image. But this subject just does not look as good in a
smaller format. Do you mind the larger size? Let me know what you
think. Thanks.

Clear skies,

Dennis Persyk
Igloo Observatory Home Page
Hampshire, IL

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