Re: Keypad hangs during start up - very long - ?too cold for Edgeport

Robin Kerr

I have been considering the edgeport. Its specs say it should
operate at 32 F or warmer. Were you in a very cold environment when
you had your troubles?

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Dave, I >


Uhhh, Edgeport software serial port tester?? I didn't know the
Edgeport came with that (I bought it second hand without

The wiring on my pier is neatly organized but in much closer
to each other than yours. Maybe I should spread everything out a
just to minimize the possibility of interference.

I'm really excited about the combo of a great mount, CCD cameras
automation software to do some photometry work. I just need to get
all of the bumps on the learning curve(mostly user error!!) ironed
out. I've owned several systems over the years but this is by far
most complex.

- Dave

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