Re: Keypad hangs during start up - very long

Robin Kerr

Very impressive setup.
I am considering an Edpeport/4, but they seem to have several
models. Which model are you using? Does it work reliably on just
the USB port for power?

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When you run the edgeport software serial port tester does all the
ports test out alright?

This is my set-up
Though I have changed it slightly since the picture. I now have
two USB
hubs, and both of the power supplies are on the N end of the pier
Only have one USB ling running from the scope to the computer
Also have the long AP adaptor line for the hand controller running
back to
the computer too. Really do not use the hand controller much
though, between Pulse guide and Thesky. Having two serial cables
to the mount makes life easy too

N 27° 52' 20"
W 082° 28' 57"

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