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Russ --

Oh boy, do I feel your pain. I bought a 16" LX200GPS last summer. 8
months of frustration later I pulled the plug and started looking for a
GEM. I preferred the AP1200 primarily for the keypad (you have to drive
a Paramount with a PDA or PC) and its more classic looks. But, like
you, by the time I gave up on the Meade, I was pretty desperate for a

In Europe, it was even worse, as the Paramount ME is in stock at the
German dealer (ie: available immediately). But it really wasn't what I
wanted. I actually started to put together a deal where I would buy a
new ME and then trade it straight up with a local guy who had an
AP1200GTO. Fortunately, about that time a used AP1200GTO popped up on
AstroMart and I grabbed it.

Anyway, I de-forked the 16" OTA and it now rides happily on an AP1200GTO
CP2. I couldn't be more pleased. There's a first-light report
(including a brief comparison of the AP keypad and Autostar II) on this
CloudyNights thread:
mber=894056 .

(A couple of my buddies over at CloudyNights are also recovering from
RCX exposure.)

-- Jeff.

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I do not think I can wait that lonk for an AP1200 mount. I
have had scope problems since last summer when I purchased
the first RCX 14.
Which is my fault for buying an RCX 14.

Why wait longer for an AP1200 when I can get a Paramount in 30 days.
The Paramount cost more. I prefer to get the AP1200 because
it is less expensive and I have never heard one bad comment
about the AP products.
All I have heard is how great the AP mounts are but I do not
want to wait until the end of the year.

I guess I need to break into Astro Physics like Tom Cruise in
Mission Impossible and just lower my self down through the
roof. I would even leave cash money to pay for the mount so
it really would not be like stealing.

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