Waiting List

Russ Garrett <russ@...>

I do not think I can wait that lonk for an AP1200 mount. I have had
scope problems since last summer when I purchased the first RCX 14.
Which is my fault for buying an RCX 14.

Why wait longer for an AP1200 when I can get a Paramount in 30 days.
The Paramount cost more. I prefer to get the AP1200 because it is less
expensive and I have never heard one bad comment about the AP products.
All I have heard is how great the AP mounts are but I do not want to
wait until the end of the year.

I guess I need to break into Astro Physics like Tom Cruise in Mission
Impossible and just lower my self down through the roof. I would even
leave cash money to pay for the mount so it really would not be like

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