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Wiggins, Rick

Hi Kent,
I believe that a correction is appropriate.
It was 5&1/2 years in 1999. I bet it is 21 years today.

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I called AP today as was told that Ancortes and Company Seven
were the
two supliers. Ancortes said there were no more slots for them to
the AP1200 this year. Company Seven said they had about two
slots left
and delivery time was November if not later. Is this this the
way it
has always been? It takes forever to get these products.
It used to be worse.
Due to the expanded facilities at AP, the wait and production time
for mounts
is less than it used to be.
Refractors-scopes is a different story.
Right now it is something like 5 1/2 years.

Kent Kirkley

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