Re: Ap1200 waiting list

Steve... <s-walters@...>

...but they're well worth the wait....

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Correction...Since 1999.

MailYahoo <MailYahoo@...> wrote: If you can order one now and get
it in November then that is FAST FAST FAST

Usually it is about a 2.5 year wait for the mount and people have
been on
the list since 2000 and still have not had a chance to order their
scope yet


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I called AP today as was told that Ancortes and Company Seven were
two supliers. Ancortes said there were no more slots for them to
the AP1200 this year. Company Seven said they had about two slots
and delivery time was November if not later. Is this this the way
has always been? It takes forever to get these products.

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