Re: AP1200 start up

Bob Denny

Ray Gralak":

Hi Bob,
Or, if you're using any of the 30+ programs that use the AP driver,
it's simple. You don't need to start PulseGuide, connect,
initialize, disconnect, start your other program, etc...

Start your program. Connect.
Ran Gralak:
Bob, in theory that is correct. In practice, unfortunately it is not.

There are still a number of people out there running "bad" versions of
the AP driver or helper DLLs. [...]
Um, yes. But then you can say that about just about any software. I
suppose I should have said "make sure you're running the latest
version...". In any case, it has been true since last fall when the
mount initialization was implemented transparently in the driver.

So: Make sure you have the latest driver and the updated Helper and
Helper 2 components, all of which are available at the ASCOM site in the Downloads section.

-- Bob

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