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Steve Reilly <sreilly@...>

I may have missed some of this thread but check to make sure your camera is
perpendicular to your axis. I use a ST-8 and test this in focus mode by taking say
a 5 sec exposure and moving the scope in either RA or DEC. After the image
downloads, I check to see if movement is up/down and right/left. The closer you
get this, the better the tracking ability as you are making corrections in true
directions rather then angles. Try this out and see if it helps.



Mark Jenkins wrote:

on 10/21/00 10:35 PM, Bobby Middleton at wrote:

From your earlier description you make it sound like you have a slow, steady
drift. Do you think the st-5 is making any corrections at all?
I'm sure it is because if I have my slew rate set to 12 or 64 it moves the
mount way too much.

I'm an st-4 user (stand alone method) so I'm a little unqualified to answer a
lot on the
st-5. But if you weren't polar aligned very close then the guidestar would
slowly and steadily drift out of the track box if no corrections were input.
Is it an even drift in one direction, or does it also show back-and-forth
wiggles as it drifts?
It wiggles. The X & Y errors show up immediately and do the old two steps
forward, one step back kind of thing on both X & Y.

The first case might indicate no corrections for dec
while the second might indicate no corrections at all in either axis.
I doubt flexure would give this behavior so I wouldn't think that is an
issue with the guidescope.
When you use the calibration routine for the st-5, does it calibrate like it
I must have my slew rate set to .5 and only then do I not receive any error

I am tracking right now. It is only a test to see if the star leaves the
crosshair position in the main scope.



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on 10/21/00 4:41 PM, Bobby Middleton at wrote:

What telescope are you using? And how are you guiding (OAG or
Bobby Middleton

From: Mark Jenkins
After reading the SBIG and AP manuals I have not quite figured out how
let my ST-5C perform auto-guiding duties.
I am using CCDOPS and the guide star is slowly creeping out of the
in a southwestern direction. After about a minute or two it completely
leaves the box and the software complains about it. It also produced
star trails on an attempted 30 minute exposure of M31.
I did the calibration and left every setting alone. I also tried to
some settings but I am still not getting it right.
Some basic settings and techniques from you auto-guiding gurus out
would be most appreciated!
My mount is the 400 GTO

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