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Yes I have a separate guide scope. I will try this tonight if the skies are
clear. Does it matter what slew rate I have the hand controller set to?

I cannot find anything in the manuals about the keypad slew rate.

Any other pointers are appreciated!


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Some basic settings and techniques from you auto-guiding gurus out there
would be most appreciated! >>

Are you setting up your system blind? By that I mean, do you have a separate
guide scope that you can use to monitor what's happening to the guide star?
If not, it is real easy to miss something in the setup. With a separate guide
scope, for instance, you can see the motion of the guide star as you do the
cal routine. Do you see the star move in RA and then in DEC?. If not, go no
further, and do some tests to see if the mount is responding to the outside
commands from the outoguider. Without a way to see the star motions, you are
working blind and will have a hard time figuring out what's supposed to
happen in the first place.

Roland Christen

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