Re: Q: Remote Operation and Pier

Bob Denny

Mike Sandy wrote:
Like Konstantin, I use ACP. It has a partameter that you set to
define where the flip happens - and then the software manges the
process so that a new image will not start if it will run past the
flip point. After after the flip is made, imaging starts up again.
Thanks for the kind words, Konstantin and Mike :-)

One other thing - ACP has a "tilt-up" limit which will protect your
instrumentation package from hitting the pier when imaging near the
zenith. You set the limit, with 90 deg being no protection.

The other night I was imaging via ACP's ShareYourSky web browser
feature, using the Muhlenberg Observatory in Coonabarabaran, Australia
(just down the hill from the ANO Siding Spring obs). They have ACP
there, for remote operation from Pennsylvania.

Stupidly, I uploaded a 2 hour plan to shoot the Southern Pinwheel
Galaxy through the meridian... but it transited right overhead! When
the mount reached 80 deg elevation, ACP's safety stop kicked in and
stopped acquiring. Fortunately, I browsed in to check up on my run
about a half-hour later, and discovered the safety stop. I uploaded a
second plan to shoot the remaining images with a wait for it to get
away from the zenith and all was well.

So... while ACP does manage meridian flipping automagically, it
doesn't handle a zenith transit for a German mount! Something to add
to the feature list :-)))

-- Bob

-- Bob

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