Re: AP900GTO Guider Question

Bob Denny

Roy Uyematsu:

The 900 is ASCOM supported. The original AP command set was based on the
LX-200 platform but has evolved significantly beyond that and is
much more
capable. Using ASCOM can be interesting if you are not familiar with the
Just to clarify: "ASCOM" is not a control protocol so comparing it to
"LX-200" is comparing apples to oranges. And you don't "use" ASCOM.

Think of it this way: ASCOM drivers are to telescopes as printer
drivers are to printers. Imagine a world where all programs that print
had to contain code for all of the protocols of all of the printers.
Impossible. Instead, programs that print use drivers to handle the
differences between printers.

The AP mounts have their own driver and any program (30+ at last
count, and growing fast) that uses ASCOM drivers can use the AP mounts.

-- Bob

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