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You are right in that the slit will line up with the azimuth, but
allows for for entry of data relating to the offset from dome
centre and
height within the observatory for GEMs.
Hi Bill.

Does it account for meridian flips too? Actually it looks like
this is not an issue if you have DDW, since you can use software to
command the dome and mount independantly.

So far I
haven't been able to find anyone with the cheap IR "mechanical"
setup that uses IR to slave the dome to a scope to comment on

I don't think that you will find very many people using the IR
tracking system, since IR will interfere with CCD imaging and most
people with domes are imaging.

Maybe that explains it! ;-) I didn't think it would get in the

The dome doesn't leak, but it "sweats" and therefore I take all
the equipment out for the winter (I'm in rainy Oregon).
This winter I installed an old arm style desk lamp in my dome. I
installed a low wattage energy bulb and leave it on all the time
Well, I tried heaters and fans (heater made it worse), until I
realized that what I really needed was venting. TI even recommended
cutting holes in the sides and putting in fans. I will probably do
this with muffin fans if I decide to stick with the dome.

You already have Dennis' comments on roll-offs.

Yes, one reason I chose the dome in the first place was to
shield against wind and potential lights in my suburban area.

One last thing to let you know about, there is a whole Yahoo group
our domes:

Been there. I posted there first. I did get a response from
Pierre in Belgium who has partly homebrewed his own automation
system. That can be found here:


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