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Derek Wong <dawong@...>

In order for us to use the e-groups effectively, I'm going to address a
couple of issues which have arisen. I'm sorry I have to go on vacation
from 6/16-6/27., but I'm sure you guys will figure it out.

Can someone tell me what the story is with egroups? Even though a
"moderator" of this list, I'm clueless. Is this a free service?
OK, Todd the service is free, in exchange for the ads at the bottom of
all the messages. The cost for the service with no ads is $4.95 per
month. You can always get to the group using www.egroups.com

I didn't receive any subscribe/unsubscribe or other info. yet, did anyone
else.. in other words, did I miss it?
I subscribed everyone on the e-mail list directly, since I didn't need
to approve anyone. Subscribe/unsubscribe requests may be put through to
me--not to the list. While I am away, Todd and Jim could handle these
(I'll explain it to you guys in a separate message).

The reason I made new members get approval before joining the list is
that I don't want a spam organization joining the list. I'm not going
to refuse anyone else--although if certain s.a.a. members who want to
slam AP products I'll suggest that they stay on s.a.a., or avoid such
flames on the list.

Mark Wilson raised a question about passwords. So far I haven't made
any passwords, so I would assume you just leave it blank for now! As
for the "Chat Room", I don't know how to use this, but you are certainly
welcome to try.

Good luck,

Derek Wong


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