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Hi Mark,

It also depends on where the OTA balances. With a finder,
Telrad, binoview, etc. my 180EDT balances closer to the
focuser end of the OTA. Without the Telrad and an 1 1/4
That should say.. Without a Telrad and with just 1 1/4"
Brandon eyepiece. Brandon's are very light weight eyepieces.


Brandon eyepiece the balance point is near the middle
of the OTA.

If I have to stand when viewing I like to lean on the top of
my ladder. It is more relaxing. Most of the time I prefer to
sit and observe. I use a StarBound adjustable chair.

Usually the taller the Pier the less stable it is.


Hi Rich, I get the feeling the 54" pier may be too short, even with
the 1200 head upon it. Although with the HGM-200 w/60" legs, near
horizon viewing did require a short (24") stepladder, at the
zenith, i
would be on my knees. Just about right for my tastes. (I like
I'll have to hope that someone will have a 7.1" EDT at Astrofest
year, so i can better judge this. I don't believe Tom Back will be
bringing his. Mark

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Rich, good point about the height affecting stability. I'll
keep this in mind. Perhaps the 54" height pier will be the best one.
The Apomax is quite heavy at both ends... Massive lens cell, and
massive 4" focuser. Mark

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