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C. G. Anderson


How far is your run? I was concerned about voltage drop.


Ron Wodaski wrote:

I use a JMI NGF-S focuser on a variety of scopes (SCT, refractors) from the
comfort of my family room while imaging and controlling the scope remotely.
I just run a long 6-conductor phone cable out to the focuser, and use the
JMI hand controller. Works extremely well. I got the DRO option so that I
can tell exactly how far I'm moving the focus position; I find this to be
preferable when focusing remotely.

Ron Wodaski
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I am attempting to set up a network between my comfy living room
computer and my freezing cold observatory computer. I think I can work
out all the bugs as far as imaging and data transfer are concerned, but
focus is a problem. Short of running two wires out from the house and
using a JMI-type controller, is there a better way? I have an AP900GTO,
and may be able to use their DigitalSky Voice software (it has a focus
control mode, but it seems a bit klunky). Is there any other software
out there that might be used to control a focus motor from the keyboard,
in small increments suitable for fine adjustments?
C. G. Anderson
C. G. Anderson

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