Re: GOTO Mounts, Ease of use

Rich N. <rnapo@...>

Hi Mark,

It also depends on where the OTA balances. With a finder,
Telrad, binoview, etc. my 180EDT balances closer to the
focuser end of the OTA. Without the Telrad and an 1 1/4
Brandon eyepiece the balance point is near the middle
of the OTA.

If I have to stand when viewing I like to lean on the top of
my ladder. It is more relaxing. Most of the time I prefer to
sit and observe. I use a StarBound adjustable chair.

Usually the taller the Pier the less stable it is.


Hi Rich, I get the feeling the 54" pier may be too short, even with
the 1200 head upon it. Although with the HGM-200 w/60" legs, near
horizon viewing did require a short (24") stepladder, at the zenith, i
would be on my knees. Just about right for my tastes. (I like standing)
I'll have to hope that someone will have a 7.1" EDT at Astrofest this
year, so i can better judge this. I don't believe Tom Back will be
bringing his. Mark

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