Re: GOTO Mounts, Ease of use

Paul Gustafson <drgus@...>

Hi Folks, Just curious, have those of you who have the AP GOTO mounts,
i would like to ask how you found their ease of use when you first got
them? (I'll probably be using mine with just the hand controller
at first, due to a lack of a laptop) I'm hoping that they are not
too much of a head scratcher!
The polar alignment scope gets you nearly dead on, close enough for goto to
put the object in the fov, fine for casual/visual use. Better polar
alignment with the hand controller requires only minor tweaking, but makes
the goto much more accurate.

Also which Semi-pier (In height) would
you think to be suitable for the Apomax 5.2" F-12 refractor? (OTA about
60" Long) Thanks, Mark
I use the 54" with a 6" f/7 and I can do 80% of my observing seated with a
Starbound chair, and don't have to crawl on the ground to view at the
zenith. It does require standing to view near the horizon.

Paul Gustafson

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