Re: polar alignment scope

Derek Wong <dawong@...>

Has anyone got the polar alignment scope truly orthogonal?
Yes, I have--perhaps my post was not clear, so I'll attempt to

While making adjustments to the polar scope, am I supposed to make any corresponding adjustments to the mount also?
No, the mount should stay perfectly steady--pointed at some distant
object, with no adjustments necessary.

You should lock the alt and az screws fairly tightly, as well as the dec
circle--so no motions are possible except in RA. Also, it is easier to
do this without a scope, or counterweights--only the shaft.

First, look without the polar scope through the hole. Turn the mount in
RA, and the view should remain the same. If it isn't, the mount may be
off and you may need to call AP.

Now, install the polar scope. Rotate the mount in RA, and if the scope
is off the view should change--the center circle should move in its own

Is this where you are?

Derek Wong

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