Re: accuracy with planetary pointing

Terry R. Friedrichsen <terry@...>

If you are in France, you should use time zone 0 in your location and
turn the clock back by 1 hour. This will make your solar system objects
come in closer.
OK, I'm just a lurker here; my 1200GTO isn't due yet for another couple of
months. So if I should just shuddup and wait for the user manual, some-
body *please* tell me so.

But I'm trying to understand the situation here. It sounds like you'd be
jiggering the *civil* time to help with planetary position calculations,
and that makes no sense to me.

I would have thought you'd just tell the mount its latitude and longitude,
set its clock to Universal Time, align it, and be off and running (or may-
be you hafta set the time on the hand controller; I'm not really clear on
what the division of labor is between the two). In any case, I can't under-
stand what your time zone would have to do with astronomical object position
calculation, planetary or otherwise.

Could someone Enlighten me, please?


Terry R. Friedrichsen

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