Re: 1200 Production Run

Rich N. <rnapo@...>

I understand. The long lead times and the uncertainy of getting
on a production run are a real problem.


markdambrosi-@... wrote:
original article:
Hi Rich, Yes i have talked
with Christine numerous times, (And even Roland just recently), and it
is very hard to get this type of info from them. Not to be rude about
AP, as i do understand such matters.
Because there are only so many 1200's made in a production
run, i could be contacted in a few months, or it could be another 12.
It is a nail biting situation. Mark
Mark I think your best bet is to call or email
Christine at Astro-Physics.


Hi, Does anyone have a vague idea when production will start on
1200 mount? Mark
Also, Here's another very important question, Has anybody heard
there is going to be another price increase for the next production
run? After waiting 8-1/2 months on a waiting list, and selling a
$5,000 Losmandy HGM-200 mount in the meantime, a price increase will
possibly be the straw that broke the camel's back. Don't think i'll
able to afford more than the $6650.00 already asked for this mount.

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