Trade for Teleport?


Hi all -

I have an AP 600E GTO that (sad to say) is getting a bit too lonely.

When I ordered the mount last year, my intent was to get into imaging with my
two sons (ages 10 and 13). However, when I ordered the 600, little did I know
that things would be changing a bit for me.

The mount arrived in March this year, and my new baby daughter arrived in April!
You can guess which gets played with the most . . . (actually, it _is_ my

I really like my 600, but I also know that it won't get the use it deserves
(particularly for imaging) for several years. It seems a true shame not to put
such a fine instrument to use for its intended purpose.

As such, I am considering trading the 600 for something that would get more use
(I'm don't want to sell it outright). The once scope that would be most
appealing would be a 10 inch Teleport -- the quick set-up time would really
complement my very time-limited observing sessions. If anyone has a Teleport
and would be interested in working a trade for a mint condition 600 GTO (plus
cash to balance things) please let me know via Email.

Thanks and best regards,


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