Yves Laroche

Hi Brian,

You should initialize the mount directly from TheSky with AP ASCOM
driver (TeleAPI) instead of native Astro-Physics driver. This way, all
parameters you mentionned will be send to your mount.

I beta-tested this new driver and it work great with TheSky.


brianwilliambrown wrote:

Thanks Ajai,

One more question. Is initialization all or nothing? Meaning, if the
mount is initialize by TheSky6, then I run MaxIm that uses the ASCOM
driver for telescope control, will the other parameters such as PEM,
guide/slew rate still be sent to the mount by the ASCOM driver? Or
will the ASCOM driver skip all configuration parameters since the
mount has already been initialized by TheSky6?

I'd like TheSky6 to initialize the mount, but TheSky6 driver can't
configure PEM, guide/slew rate, etc. so I'd like the ASCOM driver to
configure the rest when loading MaxIm.


--- In ap-gto@..., "Ajai Sehgal" <ajai@s...> wrote:

Hi Brian,

The driver detects whether or not the mount is already

initialized. If it

is, initialization is skipped. Lat and Long are ONLY sent to the

mount if

you go into the Setup dialog and click either APPLY or OK. Time is

sent to

the mount at various times including when you command a PARK.


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Hi Ajai,

Thanks for the fine update.

Is there a way to disable this driver from initializing (i.e.


lat/long) the mount? Will it detect that the mount has already


initialized and not re-initialize (like PulseGuide) but still send
the other parameters such as PEM=on, slew rate, guiding rate, etc?

It would be nice if only one driver in the system was providing
initialization information even though you need several AP drivers
(within several software programs) to operate your setup.


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