Re: AP 1200 - Robotic Capabilities

Yves Laroche

Thank you Bob and Jim for the clarification.

Very interesting news. As I can see, my mount learning process is not
finished yet.

Bob, it could be a good thing to put a note in your ACP4 Help File
concerning AP mount and Consistent Approach Slewing.


Bob Denny wrote:

Yves Laroche:

Does the Consistent Approach Slewing in ACP should permit
PinPoint to perform better over TPOINT (without Consistent
Approach Slewing)? [...]

It depends on the repeatability of the mount for slewing. CA (or
backlash compensated) slewing is most useful on low-cost mounts such
as Orion, Meade, and Celestron.

AP mounts, to their credit(!), have backlash compensation BUILT-IN so
there's no reason to use ACP's CA feature with them. In fact, it is
strongly recommmended that ACP's CA feature be turned OFF for the AP

So when using the AP, both TheSky/TPOINT and ACP are on an equal
footing with respect to the mount. The differences are in the methods
used to make the model and the performance of the software modeling.

Finally, PinPoint is just ACP's means for determining pointing error
very accurately. Of course, any differences in the pointing errors
that the software calculates will translate directly into differences
in the performance of the pointing correction (along wioth the
algorithms that determine corrections based on the rat pointing

I hope this makes things clearer.

-- Bob

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