Re: AP 1200 - Robotic Capabilities

Yves Laroche

Hi Bob and all,

Does the Consistent Approach Slewing in ACP should permit PinPoint to
perform better over TPOINT (without Consistent Approach Slewing)?
Ridiculous question but necessary for well understanding the following.

If yes, there is no reason why both software should not have about the
same precision if Consistent Approach Slewing is enabled. We must
compare apple with apple. This comparaison is only valid thru ACP not
when comparing ACP with other robotic software. IMHO, I think
Consistent Approach Slewing, add more precision to the pointing,
specially with mount with gear train because of backlash.

With all the post regarding this thread, I noticed that PinPoint (ACP
with Consistent Approach Slewing) was always compared to TPOINT (TheSky
without any Consistent Approach Slewing). It's like comparing apples
with bananas. Now with this updated information from you Bob, customers
using TheSky/TPoint will have more benefit than expected with your ACP
package software.


Bob Denny wrote:


What I am saying is that it does not make sense to use ACP
to acquire points for TPoint.

It does indeed. As ACP accumulates mapping points (whether during the
course of a normal run, or a "training run" which is just another type
of run after all), it collects and saves the mapping points
internally. At any time, you can dump them out into a file. Then you
can run a standard/supplied ACP script to convert them into a
TPOINT-compatible import file. Import them into TPOINT, make a model,
turn off ACP's corrector, enable TPOINT in TheSky (assuming it is
being used as a pass-through controller for the telescope), add that
model, and go. Or use TPOINT to analyze the data only. Your choice.

The "point" is, ACP can collect TPOINT mapping points during its
normal course of real observations, or (sub-optimally) during a
"training" run (which again uses a standard script supplied with ACP).
You can use that data to create a TPOINT model, diddle the TPOINT
terms all you want, then use the resulting model in TheSky. Keep in
mind that ACP keeps and exports the mapping points, NOT the model term
coefficients. It's essentially another way to repro AutoMapper, EXCEPT
you can do it while you're taking real images.

-- Bob

-- Bob

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