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Yves Laroche

Hi Mark,

If there is a difference between both drivers from within TheSky, IMHO
this difference should be the same when drivers are used from two
different software.

YES, if your keypad is set to EXT or unpluged, TheSky can initialize the
AP servo controller without any problem.

Hope this help.


aajohnah wrote:


Actually NO I do not go back and forth on driver in TheSky.
TheSky was always set to AP driver

ACP was always set to AP driver
I did not use ACP and TheSky together for this little comparison

The Ascom AP driver from what I know will be changing real soon, so that it
can initialize the AP mount.

Also you CAN NOT initialize the AP mount now with anything other than the
Keypad or Pulse guide. That is why the change in the Ascom AP driver.
TheSky AP driver from what I know does not initialize the AP mount at all.
Daniel maybe I am wrong but do not think so on this one either.
So if you think you are initializing the AP mount with TheSky and the AP
driver this is where you are off and it can be big too

So I think your experiment from the way I am reading it just confirms the
problem with thinking that other drivers will initialize the AP mount.

N 27° 52' 20"
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Thank you Mark for your reply.

As you mention, you go back and forth between TheSky's Astro-Physics
native driver and Astro-Physics ASCOM driver (ACP). Is that correct?

I noticed myself there is an offset between both drivers. First, I
initialize the mount via TheSky (AP native driver), KEYPAD set to EXT
and use PulseGuide's TPOINT page to do a RCAL. I can slew back and
forth and the star was dead center. I decided to terminate the
telescope link, choose TeleAPI driver instead of Astro-Physics GTO and
re-established the link with telescope. Immediately, I saw the
telescope cross hair (TheSky) moved by an amount not exceeding my FOV
(13 x 9 arcmin). I did a slew on the same star and it was not dead
center. Go back with the AP native driver and retreived my good
pointing. All my settings from ASCOM telescope chooser (AP) are the
same as TheSky's.

I did this another test. I initialize TheSky with AP native driver,
KEYPAD set to EXT. Terminated telescope link, choose TeleAPI driver,
re-established link and used PulseGuide's TPOINT page to do a RCAL. All
the stars I choose were dead center. After, I choose AP native driver
and the offset reappeared but at the opposite direction.

It seems than there is a difference between both drivers. Of course,
the best way to prevent it is to stay with the same driver package.
However, a RCAL (PulseGuide, Tpoint page) should be done when
experimenting with differents softwares.

Any comments are welcome.


aajohnah wrote:


Sure and as I states this was not a real scientific comparison, since I
really did it as a wonder why my T-point run is not perfect every time.

Connection with T-point
TheSky>AP driver to connect to scope
CCDSoft>TheSkyv6> Automapper2
Ran the last mapping run and when the designated time came the mapping run
stopped in the am and the mount parked.
Next time out, initialized mount via Pulseguide, Connected to TheSky via AP
Slewed to first point and was off slightly. Did not understand why.
Terms= I left all the normal terms alone 6 of them. Looking back at the
terms used to be sure this time added: HDSD; HDCD; HXSH2; then added


others that T-point suggested. After that new terms that were suggested


not look like it made a lager enough difference in the numbers to add. So


left it at 12

ACP= connected to mount via AP ascom driver
Centered on a star to sync, then ran my 125 mapping run. I then imaged


night. And then parked the mount.

A few nights later I opened up TheSky as always connected to the mount via
AP driver, yes initialized AP mount via Pulse Guide. Clicked in Thesky to
slew to a star and the star was not centered. So I was puzzled as to why
the stars would not be dead center.
I then Parked the mount and TheSky link terminated. I opened up ACPv4
connected via the AP driver, and then slewed to a Star and it was almost
dead center. I then went to a few stars and most of them were dead center.

When I say TheSky was off the star was still on the chip, in fact around


mid of the chip

What I want to try is connecting TheSky via the API driver and ACP to the
mount so that I can use TheSky with the ACP model. However since I updated
to the new Ascomv4.01 and had to do something with TheSky I need to


the API driver again and forgot how to.

Since this I have changed a few things on my mount, so both models are no
longer valid. I was in the middle of doing a 125 point run last night in
ACP and my mount had trouble. Will be on the phone this morning when AP
opens up. I wanted to finish up the ACP run and a T-point run last night
but could not.

N 27° 52' 20"
W 082° 28' 57"

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Hi Mark,

In comparing TPOINT (TheSky) and ACP (PinPoint), did you use TheSky
Controlled-Telescope driver for both? i.e. ACP (Pinpoint) to control
the mount via TheSky (without TPOINT) and ACP (without PinPoint) to
control the mount via TheSky (TPOINT enabled).

My point of view is that TPOINT may have better pointing accuracy if the
mapping run could be built via ACP with its consistent approach
slewing. ACP with its consistent approach slewing may add more
precision when using with the PinPoint engine than just using TheSky and
TPOINT in standalone mode (without consistent approach slewing).

A more detail explanation of how you have done this comparaison will be
very appreciated.

Any comments are welcome.


aajohnah wrote:

I did an experiment with the AP 1200 mount and T-point and ACP to see what
program was best for pointing with my set-up

I ran a 875 t-point model, maybe over kill but this was the last model I
ran, after running 20+ models to make sure that I really understood the
program the best to my ability in a months time. I had a total of 13


I then ran ACP4 and a 125 point model. Not terms added like in the



For me the ACP model was more accurate than the t-point model. I am not
saying that the t-point model did not put the object on my chip each time


SBIG 10xe scope FL/2348) Just the ACP model was closer to center on a
consistent basis.

I also run Dimension 4 and update my computer time every 5 min. I start


my AP mount with Pulse guide too.

I can not comment no the Paramount ME since I do not use one. Just know


my AP mount responded to t-point vs. ACP
N 27° 52' 20"
W 082° 28' 57"

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