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Yves Laroche


I will be very happy to receive a copy of your work.


mcmillanjr4221 wrote:

Hi Marj,

I wrote the note specifically to help those with AP GTO mounts using
ACP. However, I do think it might be useful to anyone trying to
control the mount via external software.

The note is still in draft form, awaiting Bob Denny's review. I
believe it will end up being posted on the ACP support site as
a "knowledge base" article, but that's only accessible to ACP

Once it has received Bob's blessing and is in final form, I'm happy
to send you a copy to use however you'd like.



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Will this information be pubished on the internet? Can we link to

it from our site?

Clear skies,
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Hi Yves,

Perhaps I can help. I just finished drafting a paper regarding


to setup ACP (including the AP ASCOM driver) with an AP GTO mount.

There's 2 ways to initialize the mount: 1) keypad, or 2)
PulseGuide. Connecting to the mount via the ASCOM driver does not
initialize it. You must use either the keypad or PulseGuide to
initialize first, then connect to the mount with the ASCOM driver.

I'd suggest initializing via PulseGuide (keypad set to EXT). That
keeps the PC clock and the keypad clock (plus other setup


in sync.

Unfortunately, there's another issue: the AP ASCOM driver also
contains some of the same setup data that's in PulseGuide (but not
all). Since PulseGuide initializes the mount first, then the


driver is connected, some of data PulseGuide sent to the mount


overwritten - which means some of the data in the keypad no longer
matches what's in the mount controller. Therefore, it is


to manually insure the data in the AP ASCOM driver matches the


in PulseGuide. The "overlapping" data is under the

headings "Mount

Setup" and "Site Information" in the AP ASCOM driver.

(FYI - this helps explain why guide rates and slew rates sometimes
don't behave like you expect. The keypad can say one thing,
PulseGuide says another, the AP ASCOM driver says yet another, and
any other 3rd party programs (like TheSky or ACP) says yet


The last one to send something to the mount is the one that's in
control. But, it's not always obvious which program sent the last
bit of data.)

Frankly, I don't think the AP ASCOM driver should be holding any
setup data at all. It should only act as a conduit to the mount,


act as another data source.

Hope this helps.

Jim McMillan

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Hi to all!

When I try to connect my 1200GTO via TheSky and ASCOM driver, it


initialize the mount when the keypad is in EXTernal mode. It



ASCOM driver (teleapi) don't send proper command to initialize



controller as native AP driver.

Is there a way for keypad to coexist with ASCOM driver?

Thank you,

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